Mitzy Brook (lukewarm) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Mitzy Brook

I’m in the process of, like a few people here, letting my hair grow a little before I dread it. As much as I want to get into a whole explanation of what dreads mean to me I will hold back on that for now and get to my question: for the people who started dreads with methods other than neglect and perm, I was wondering if you made little one inch by one inch sections or did you just grab what you feel seems right?

I was originally just going to get the perm because I know it would be hard for me to do my hair myself since I don’t know anyone that will help and also because I constantly touch my hair and I don’t what to make my hair take longer to really lock up. However, I am a poor, college student who really cannot afford to spend about five hundred dollars on something that isn’t school related. So I was just wondering what you all did cause I don’t think I can really section my hair evenly on my own. Thank you
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