Sarah Lyn (sarar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sarah Lyn

Tonight in what would normally be a dance (American Tribal Standard bellydance) class, we practiced piling stuff on our heads and putting on makeup for shows, since we have one coming up Saturday. I took some pictures afterward, with just the makeup and bindis on, not all the other stuff. So here I am, for your viewing pleasure.

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I can't wait for my hair to mature so I don't look so feral all the time. Although I do like it sometimes, I don't appreciate looking like I rubbed my head in the dirt and didn't brush it for weeks, which is how I feel like it looks. I know it'll get there, it's just hard to deal with this stage. Some of them were made as long ago as May and some are as new as...december? january? Most were made between May and September, I think. I'm just in a slump when it comes to my hair. It comes in waves.
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