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They're about 7.5 months old. I stopped palm rolling in November, so they're a little more wild looking now. If I didn't spend so much time with the back of my head leaning against something, I wouldn't have so much empty space back there! Yesterday I cut one of the longer ones in half and sew-dreaded it into loose hairs in the back with some thin yarn. It was clean, but a little dusty on the inside. I've been trying to isolate groups of loose hair for future dreading or dread attaching. I also took the beads off the skinnier ones because I felt they were impeding the knotting progression.

I think because I've worn them down for the last 3 months, they're curling around my head, and that's cute of them. I think wearing them down has also caused the new hair growing on the top of my head to not join the dreads. I think I'm going to let it grow out instead of dreading it so I can have a combination head. Hopefully it will turn out like spin_the_moon's fluffy lion mane. (She's the Machu Picchu girl if you remember).

For the most part, they still haven't stopped shrinking. My hair used to be a foot longer when it wasn't dreaded! I think it's super cool tho. And it looks better on me than I would have thought. I can hardly get them up in a hair elastic, not to mention fit them in it due to fatness.
So I was wondering: When did yours stop shrinking and start growing?

Image hosting by Photobucket
You can kinda see the emptiness in the back.
Image hosting by Photobucket
See the loosies? They're crazy!

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