Luna (isillote) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Happy 3 months =D

My dreadies have finally passed the three month mark =D
And I love them more than ever, and I am getting sort of confident about them now.
It's all good, and I've deloped a special relationship to them now <3

Mum was a total bitch about them the other day!
Mum : What have you done to them? Have you combed them out?
I : No, I showered, and left them while I Went to school, they sort of unravelled
Mum : They're looking gruesome!
I : No mum, they're developing, it takes time!
Mum : This isn't dreads, you've got no right to call theese dreads!
I : Every single dread in the world is DIFFRENT mum! It depends on type of hair, length, colour
Mum : Why did you dread you'r hair at anyway?! Can't you just be normal, like everyone else?!

Changes are nice ^^ I suddenly got the urge to change something.
And I like the result =)


This is from sunday, just an hour or so passed midnight. Quiiiite messy in the back.


And the result ^^ Looking quite electroshocked

And just because I like this shot ^^ You can see how loose my front "dreads" are?

This is in the morning again, I think they look absoloutley fab in this shot <3

Then I suddenly thought that I needed something diffrent, changes. And Gosh! It has grown such a lot since last time my fringe was loose! 3 month earlier it looked like this!

As you can see I am bending my neck here.

And here's the result.

After a shower.

Just woken up ^^ Haha ^^ Today actually.

Later this very morning, looking a bit more decent

And just because.

And just so that you guys can Compare :

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