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sorry, no pictures here

I keep thinking of cutting my dreads off. Mostly because it would be even easier if it was short. Having dreads is sort of high maintenance and I don't even do anything to them. I'm not going to cut them though, the urge isn't too great and it was more intense a couple months ago and i didn't do it then, so...
Anyway, I wash it a lot and then blow dry it and let it do it's thing. I wear it up every day. A couple weeks ago I notice that a bunch of it is growing together. Two big locks on the side are together at the root and I would have to cut them apart in order to keep them seperate. I will not cut them apart though, because I've done that before and you end up with sticky-outy pieces and it's not a good method. Plus, it's sort of a funny thing to let happen. Like, whoops, there they go. For me, having perfectly maintained dreads is an oxymoron. My reason for having them is mostly spiritual and religious with a little bit of vanity mixed in. Because honestly, I do think and care about my physical appearance but it just so happens to be that I think that this lack of care looks good. It's a tie between physical and spiritual in this case. Anyway, I've noticed that it takes forever to put it up and I have to use two skinny headbands to do it, my arms hurt afterwards, etc. So it seems that the real way to avoid it, would be to cut it off and do the opposite of dreads. Or, retire it to a hat never to see the light again (sort of). I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud here and there is noone to talk to about it so I figured this was just the thing to post here.
My dreads are for me. I don't really care if anyone sees them or likes them. It was never about that. It can be fun to post pictures in here because of the bond between all dread heads. It's kind of like being on a team.
There are a ton of variations in the community too, and I think that's pretty cool. The first dreadlocks came from someone who just let them go. There were no rubber bands or wax or backcombing. From that, came all of the variations. People dye them and decorate them and do all sorts of stuff to them. I think that's cool that dreadlocks are evolving because that's what they do anyway. While I'm on this aspect of things, I think it's important to add that I find it sad that people think beaver tails or massive locks are 'disgusting'.
Obviously you are entitled to your own opinion but it's really hypocritical to say things like that. So many people post in here about the rude comments they recieve and I find it no different than insulting someones choice to dread 'naturally'. Especially when your style is just a variation of the original form. Your style comes from that, don't you see? Plus, I've noticed that most people who just let their hair go tend to be doing it for spiritual reasons, and at that point your thoughtless comments come off as rude. For me and others, it is very much more than a stylish thing. I don't talk about that here because it's personal but if someone were to ask me, I'd talk about it. I just think it's important to remain mindful about what youre saying and whom youre speaking to.
Not everyone is in it for the same reasons and they might not let you know that.
I go back and forth with my ideas about my hair. I slide between wanting to cut it and just leaving it. Between having vanity issues and not. I'm not some natural purist type over here, spouting off. I just like to remain concious of everything and I think that with dreadlocks, it's important to do that because it can be a religious thing to some people and you can't mess with that. That is why there will always be a Rasta purist who hates that white folks have dreads and I don't get mad at that. I don't feel bad when I hear that. I sort of laugh to myself because I know my own truth and they know theirs and in the end, it doesn't really matter. There will always be opposing views. For me, contrast is beautiful, in all it's forms.
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