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drunken dreadheads

My good friend datenshi_rei just had a birthday party, at which myself and my [also a dreadhead] friend riversrush were in attendance, so I thought I'd share some of the amusing pictures.

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This is riversrush. Her dreads are about 3 years old, I believe? She's very adorable.

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Myself...I have this thing where I don't know what to do when someone's taking a picture of me, so I make stupid faces. And since there was metal music playing...Yeah.

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So there was this funny looking light in the room, and somehow I managed to position my head perfectly so that it looks like a halo. I'm actually not as drunk as I look...That drink is only my second cooler. [yes, I like girly drinks. Shut up.]

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Myself, datenshi_rei, and riversrush. He looks like some kind of Dark Overlord who's just taken my soul, and we're not sure what riversrush is doing.

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Taking a break from dancing and head-banging [it -is- a lot of fun with dreads!]

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My good chocolate-covered teddy bear friend lubke and I.

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...This is my crazy face. I think I may have been about to do something like pounce on somebody.

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riversrush again, finally taking a break.
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