sugary sweets for sour apples (polkydot) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
sugary sweets for sour apples

I haven't posted in almost a year, so here is an update of the last few months of my dreads. 4 years old, natural, no wax, no backcombing, etc. I cut them off this week.

from the back, ugh.

from the front. I took a bunch of these in the middle of the night when I started cutting dreads off, so if I look a little crazed, there you go.

I was always a little proud of this one for not falling off or eaten by any other dread....what a trooper.

last month I temp dyed it to try and even out the color.

do you love me?

uh oh.

one of my eyebrows is active and one is lazy.

meanwhile, life goes on. emmie and the hamburglars.

skullface in her bachelorette days...she got knocked up and now she has skullbaby, who I don't have a photo of. but I assure you skullbaby is very adorable.

after a lot of cutting, more combing in the front, and some serious dandruff...

help! I am a straight haired person stuck in a curly haired person's body.

I ran out of patience with the dreads in the back (too thick), so the back is shorter.
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