lahermite (lahermite) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my babies have been alive almost a week. my friend and comrade, antischiz_liz separated my 5 inch long hair on sunday and i've been backcombing and palm rolling ever since. but i have to have a bath and wash my head. it's driving my crazy and the tea tree isn't helping enough. i sprayed them down yesterday with salt water and lemon juice mix and it seemed to help them but i'm terrified of putting my whole head in a bath of water. even though logic tells me that they're knotting up lovely and getting them wet won't unravel them, logic has never been able to overcome fear. please reassure me that i *can* have a bath and they'll be okay.... (unless of course they won't be, at which case, tell me that hehe.)

i think my hair was made for dreads. it knotted up really easy and (i think) really well. what a journey i'm on!!!

thanks for any advice you have.

peace, love & anarchy

(edited to add: ps, i haven't used any chemicals in a couple of years, my hair gets washed with dr. bronners, and it's used to not being washed but once a week. i have terrible dandruff, though, hence the really itchy scalp! only washing it helps.)
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