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Anyone with a fringe and dreadlocks?

Hi there, I er used to post on here a lot a long while back, but I can't seem to find my posts :/ I suppose it would take forever, but anyways...I was sitting here sorting out my dreads with a crochet needle and it suddenly occured to me that they will be 2 years old very soon. I then remembered that one of the first places I celebrated my new dreadys at was this place ^_^ I don't currently have any up-to-date pictures of myself, only old ones;

But I suppose the only difference is that they're now blonde and longer. I was wondering though if some of the people here with fringes or 'bangs' could help me? I've seen a couple of pics where people have it and it looks really good on all of you. I was thinking about brushing out my front 4 dreads to make a fringe because I dislike my forehead to be honest haha. It wouldn't be short, I used to have a fringe when I had straight hair that came across my face in a sort of diagonal. Anyway the reason I'm posting is to ask whether any of you guys have any problems having a fringe too? I mean you've got to wash with shampoo etc... is that annoying/hard to manage with your dreads as well? Plus my hair is very wavey naturally, I'd probably have to straighten my fringe as well. For the record I also wear a lot of bandanas and things so does having a fringe affect that too? Lastly, the reason I posted a pic is to show my face shape, do you think a fringe and dreads would suit it?

I mean as far as I can see it'd be just another area of my hair to fuss with which is great, but if anyone with a fringe could just let me know the pros and cons that would be great. Cheers, Jen x

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