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I was stopped by a woman today who saw my hair from across the way and said she had to come over and say hi and tell me she liked my hair and ask me how long I'd had them for. It made me smile so big! :)

Anyway, the point of the post was that while she was talking she told me about something someone had told her to do once that she said really helped.

Since we can't get to the inside of dreads to clean and since things in the atmosphere and shampoo can build up in there, this is what she said helps a lot:

Mix some baking soda in with a bucket of water and dunk your hair in. Let it soak for a couple minutes. Then rinse it out thoroughly. Only do this every couple weeks or it will dry out your hair.

She said since she started doing it she could really tell a difference.

Wow I hope that makes sense and isn't totally incoherent. :/
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