Unlucky (spacebunni) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

tis me again! i decided to join the bathroom mirror club, theres just a few none of them really turned out that good due to lack of light and my unsteady hands. maybe ill take more tmmrw with my animals.

oh yea, i un-did the front dreads, after like a year of them being dreaded, it took me like a half hour to do each one and now have a hairball like 3/4 the size of my ipod mini, freaky~! but the hairs on my head are in healthy condition, i think alot of the split ends and breakage comes from the hair that would have naturally endedup in your tub but didnt because of the dread trap, since its not growing or getting nutrients it just breaks, thats just my opinion. Also while i was un-doing them i noticed residue in some parts that kinda looked like hair follicle but it wasn't that was kinda weird, but overall, nothing nasty..who knows maybe ill even be able to un-dread all of if, big IF the time comes!

the bathroom mirror!

dopey lookin picture, but i dont do that stuff!!

the back

i like this one cause its trippy..kinda

just to be silly, and this turned to be the only good one showing my bangs
other than the dopey pic

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