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hey ive had my dreads for about 5 months now. they are getting better. my mom keeps bitching at me about them still. she told me the otherd ay that my dreads are a mess and they arent supposed to be that way. she said they were supposed to be neat. is this really true? are most dreads neat? i dont think she knows what she is talking about but i know my hair is a mess. i dont put wax in anymore and im basically just leaving them alone. i still palm roll and twist every little while. i wen tto a dead show and everyone had dreads some were realy neat but i think they get neater over time when they lockup. my hair is still locking.
any ways i can make my dreads neater?
and what the hell can i use for shampoo other than bar soap. i tried orderign some shit from knottyboy.com but it never came. should i just wet them / and spray some lemon juice? or is there more to the story?
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