Melissa (2small2tell) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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Help, advice, i need my dreads back!!!

So, it has been awhile, funny how i always start my posts like this. I am to busy! Anyway, i cut my first set of dreads off in Oct. and now i really want them back. It is a really strong feeling that i feel inside, i don't feel like myself without my dreads. I need them. Anyway to my question, since i cut my dreads my hair is all different lenghts, but it is between 6-9" it is shorter around my face, but that is a given, is it to short to start dreading again? Also i feel like i lost a lot of body (to my har) since i cut my dreads, but everyone else thinks that my hair is still thick and full, does this matter, i know that it is not at the same thickness as the first time, but my hiar is really straight will it still work? If you could give me any help that would be great!
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