aubli (aubli) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

VA dreads

hey… would anyone from in or around VA (charlottesville, to be specific) be up for a bit of mutual dread maintenence? my dreads are over a year old and pretty well-formed except for an inch or two at the ends that’s come undreaded. i don’t use wax, btw—just backcombing and crocheting and such.

but yeah: i’ll be happy to work hard tightening and tidying your dreads if you’ll do the same for me. =)

and if any of you experienced dread maintenence folks are available within the next couple weeks but would prefer to be paid instead, name your price and i’ll let you know if i can swing it! unforunately, i can’t travel too far from charlottesville, though i’d be willing to go a few hours out to meet you.

heh. unfortunately the best pic i have of my dreads is back from halloween 2005, but here it is!
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