lizabeth. (kaaaa_pow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

first post.

hey all, my name's liz, and this is my first post, as i have a question.
im on my second lot of dreads, and they are 2 months old, and they have a heart-breaking problem....

when i had them done, i got them back combed by my sister and my girlfriend, but i only had them backcmbed once, then just let em do their own thing. now they are really really well dreads at the bottom, kind of well dreaded at the top, but all loose and normal hair-like in the middle. i dont know wether i should leave it and hope for the best, or re-back comb it... is 2 months too old to backcomb them again? or would this just undo all the bottom-of-dread goodness....?

ahh please help me!
love to all. x.

p.s sorry if there is anything in the memories about this, but i did look and didnt find anything in there... eek.
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