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Sermon to the converted.

Over the past few weeks, I've started wondering how relevant my dreads are to my current lifestyle as a father, and a professonal. They can be a pain when I'm exercising, I hate hitting my wife in the face with them, I don't love the stares I get that send my mind into negative places when I'm in public in the less openminded places I walk.

There was a time when I socialized enough that I felt like my hair was a really powerful statement of my contempt for being part of the status quo, and I won't pretend that my flakier side connects with a deeper spiritial tone of having dreads, when I move.
I feel like there is a web of motion around my actions, when I roll over at night, I feel the tension on my roots and push my hair out of the way automatically, a metaphor for me that constantly makes me challenge my awareness of my actions on those around me and on my agendas, something lost with people who have short hair.

I've been sick over the past few days. I feel pretty fragile, I've lost some weight.I decided not to ride my bike to work, and instead took transit. As I was standing at one of the connecting stops this morning, a portly fellow in his fifties, dressed like a construction worker wandered over my way with a smile on his face. When I'm uncaffeinated, and its 7:30, there's not much that can goad me into talking, but he smiled exposing some gold teeth, and he said " Good morning to you my friend, I knew Bob Marley in my home"
"He was a great man, he did a lot to show his love for everyone", I said, and to my surprise, he pounced into an impromptu sermon.

Did you know Bob Marley's father was an englishman ? He was.
Bob Marley went to a rich school, but he ran away from it to find himself.
When he was older, and needed a place to stay, someone said, go to see your uncle, the rich man. Bob Marley went up and stayed at his uncles house, but ran away, because staying up there wasn't his thing.
Jesus walked though the wilderness, and while he did, do you think he worried about his hair being shorn ?
No, he let himself find himself, and he let the world know that godliness is not about cuts, but about how you let yourself get back on the path to purity. Purity is all about not getting caught up in what others would have you do.

The bus pulled up, and it was crowded, so he opted for the next one.
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