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Good Shampoo

Today i found some really good shampoo!! I have been lookin for some good shampoo for awhile. I was using Herbal Esence but when I washed my hair my dreads smelled like wet dog ;( so I needed something different. But i found um Neutrogena (sp?) ani residue shampoo and it is great stuff it has a nice fresh clean smell and didn't make my hair too fluffy, but anyhoo its great stuff.

My dreads are coming along really good..locking up nicely. I am goin to dye them soon I wanna bleach all my hair then dye them a burgendy/purple color (I would love to have the color that *FUGGED* uses I like that red but idk yet) anyhoo my dreads are a month and a week old do you guys think i could bleach and dye my dreads yet?? I have checked the memories but just wanted people's opinions on dying dreads at an early age. sorry no pics but i will post some pics soon!

Peace, Love, Harmony
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