courtney (styrofoamkisses) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i think i'm going to restart my dreads. i have a few reasons. firstly, when i first got my dreads they were way too skinny. i combined them to make bigger ones and ever since then they've been falling apart and the roots are really random and i feel like these random roots are going to prevent the hair closer to my scalp from knotting (since there are sides of dreads between the dreads i combined and such). i've also got a ton of scalp showing since the roots are so random. so i think i'm going to start over. bush out, dye them a colour closer to my natural one, then redread.

here are some pics (they're almost 4 months old)

everybody loves crappy webcam photos :D

(p.s. why does this happen? the back/front separation... thing i've got goin on here?

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