NICOlette (itsbeenyears) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dread love, and pictures to share!

Well, I've had my dreads for about two and a half months (easy to remember, I started them on Christmas Day). 
After about a month, I ended up combing out the front 8 or so, resultign in a massive ball of hair, and a hurty scalp. But I'm happy with the change, becuase it's easy to get out of the way, I can once again run my fingers through my hair, and for interviews, I can lessen the shock factor of my dreadies. Plus, let's just remember uni-dread!

oh, and the few braided bits were partially combed out dreads, that I just abandonded, but braided so they wouldn't get eaten by the other dreads.

Alright, I guess that is enough.  But yeah, I backcombed these dreads, with the reluctant help of my mother, and it literally took a week. Try 120 hours! In the process I lost about 8 inches, and I guess they've shrunk a little, but nothing too noticable.  And my ends, finally out of elastic bands give an extra 1-3 inches of un-dreaded hair all around.
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