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Brand New Dreads!

Yesterday, I went in to the shop and Belinda dreaded my hair!

It took almost 5 hours, during which I watched a lot of entertaining daytime TV and only teared up twice (over the hair-pulling, not the TV).

Since my hair was clumping into its own chunks, she just backcombed those pieces, so my dreads are sectioned the way they want to be. After she backcombed, she palm-rolled the dread, gave it a twist, and pinned it out of the way.

During the process, I was either smiling or zoned out in a meditative state while Belinda spoke on the phone in her native language (not sure where she's from- Ghana? Nigeria?). Very soothing and hypnotic to hear someone speaking a foreign language. Kinda put me in a trance.

I have no idea how many dreads I have... I'll have to try and count them. They're each roughly the size of a finger.

I have always had a lot of hair. Dreading it has now puffed it up and encouraged it to stand out away from my skull a bit. I have so much freakin' hair now, it feels like I'm wearing a persian rug on my head.




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