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Dreads for Multiracials

Hello, my name is Amy Tanisha and I have been in this community for a while...just reading the posts and looking at the pictures, trying to decide whether dreads are right for me or not.

Well, last night I finally made the decision that yes they are. But I was wondering how many of you with dreads are of mixed race with African heritage. I'm black, white, and Native American so I've got that weird hair texture thing going on.
I just wanted to know what your experience with dreads are and what I should expect given my hair type.

I absolutely love the way Lisa Bonet's look, and her and I have close to the same hair type, so I'm hoping that they will eventually come out to look something like this:

But she seems to have long loose ends. Is that common and how does one achieve that? I'm not sure if I want that or not, but it sure looks beautiful.

Thanks in advance.
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