_tuesday_moon (_tuesday_moon) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Alrighty, I need some help and this is the only place I could turn to!

I've had my dreads for a year now, and lately my itchy head has been driving me INSANE.

it only feels like it's getting worse, and I think it's because I'm taking too many peoples' different ideas on what I should do.

the worker at a beauty supply shop sold me this shampoo (made of 100% tea) and said that he recommends it to everyone with dreads.

but it feels like this shampoo is giving me more flakes and dry itchy skin! When i look at some places on my scalp, I see little red dots and I know for a fact that this can't be good.

it's even moving on to my ears and the back of my neck.

and i've read through the memories on here and they all say to use Tea tree oil, but everyone I've talked to at the stores said this would only dry my scalp even more

some one else recommended hemp conditioner which did nothing except loosen my tips so now they're all thin and about the fall off and i'm really upset.

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