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I know I don't post often but...

I need a glass bead for my rat-dread, [instead of a rat tail...or perhaps it is more rat-like, being a dread and all] because until my hair grows out a bit more, she will remain quite lonely.

I will say she is about a quarter of an inch thick at most parts.

But yes. A bead. preferably a medium sized, hand blown glass bead made with love! I am willing to pay cash [possibly check] or trade [i make pipe cases, patchwork skirts, fimo ear plugs and i wrap marbles/stones - hopefully soon i will have a website for these things.]

Anywho, I would really appreciate meeting someone here who could help me out.

- Junkyard Amy Lee
I will even take photos of your bead, on my dread, and post them!
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