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hello monkeyheads!

bonjour to everyone. I think this is the first time I'm posting, yadda yadda, that's what everybody says their first time posting. hmm. I'm wearing an orange striped shirt, I live in Ohio, and my name's Deanna. I don't have any questions at the moment, just wanted to pop in and say I've been stalking you all and I might as well show my face. :D

I just gave myself dreadlocks, they're almost two weeks old. I had dreads a few months ago, but I didn't know what I was doing and they were very sad. But now they're happy. Although when I'm around other people with dreadlocks, I get really self conscious and want to put a bag over my head. I think it's because they'll find some flaw in mine, or say, HEY! What the heck do you think you're doing? You're not cool enough for dreads! How dare you even shorten their name to dreads! YOU MUST CALL THEM DREADLOCKS now get down on your knees and worship me.


well, this was a few months ago, and then I cut some of my hair off. and!

^^I'm so happpppy!

ahhhhh! big scary eye!

oh darn, I fell asleep on the scanner again.

But just now I must go clean, my sisters and brothers are coming over tonight, and I haven't seen them in ages. hope everyone has a wonderful saturday!
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