Jen* (satanicsocks) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

newbie help

OK, I hope some of you dreadheads can help :)

I'm a dread newbie, and after a day of sectioning and backcombing by my dutiful boyfriend yesterday I now have a head full of wannabe dreads :) However I'm a little worried about how they look. They are kinda.. fluffy and not very rope-like, more like thick tubes of matted hair and I want a more "dread" look already..

I've looked at the memories but can't find much to help (but pointers appreciated). Is the next stage for me lots of palm rolling? I've made dreads out of fake hair before and I would just twist it up and blast the hell out of it with a hairdryer to melt it sealed.. obviously can't do that with real hair, would wax achieve the same effect? After looking at the memories on wax I'm kinda loath to use it.

Any help would be really welcome ..
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