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First off, I would like to say that thoroughly pleased with this message board. I found this group through a myspace link.

I am planning on putting dreadlocks back into my hair.

I had a knatty set of dreadlocks from age 15 - 18. I am now almost 21. The first time I dreadlocked my hair (15-18), I seperated my hair into braids for about 3 weeks. Then I removed the braids and backcombed the hair. I used wax, locking accelerator (which is just salt-water, hah), and all other infamous activities: crochete loops, palm rolling, rubberbanded tips and roots, oh and did i mention wax, bleh. I started them with perhaps 5 1/2" of long hair. They shrunk and eventially grew towards my colar bone (picture above taken 3 months before I cut them.)

The reason I cut off my 3 year old dreadlocks was I noticed strange flaking patches of skin up around my hairline. After a few months, it was really becoming horrible. In a hypochondriatic air, I assumed it would make me bald. Maybe I just smoked too much pot. Regardless I cut them off. (The day after "Gathering of the Vibes [NY]2002" for all you Festy kids, and the day before the "Circle Jerks" were coming to NYC.)

A year ago the flaky, patchy, dry, dandruffy condition came back (to haunt me). It turns out it is Sebboreah Dermintitis, commonly associated with psoriasis, though they are slightly different. It was a high stress period of my life (and winter as well). I assume that the perhaps my dreadlocks might have triggered it strongly, due to the drastically tight way the pulled on my scalp. This was because I crochete looped like a maniac. I regret such. Lately, I've been washing with tea tree oil and such which helps ten fold. As well many of the washing regimes that people use for their dry dreadlocks work wonders for me.

So now. I really want to put dreadlocks back in my hair. As well I plan to avoid the mistakes I made in the past. This time I don't want to section my hair or use wax. Also I plan to start my dreadlocks with much longer hair. (Right now I'm in the hair growing phase.) When I dreadlock my hair this time I'm only going to dreadlock the sides and the back, as to avoid pulling too much on my scalp. Also because I can never decide which side to part my hair on. I have really thick hair which should blend nice into the dreadlocks. I say it should blend in nice because I really want to tiny (in width) dreadlocks. My last set were really fat (and nice) but this time I would rather have much thinner dreadlocks. I have noticed much pre-caution (on many website and boards) against starting your 'locks too small (i.e. skinny, not fat). They claim that starting too thin will eventually become a problem down the road. They say the dreads will thin out too much. I also plan on washing my hair (dreadlocks) 2 or 3 times a week. Like tiny dreads, frequent washing tends to be oposed by most people with dreadlocks.

I plan on keeping my dreads till I graduate from college, which would be in about 3 years, that is why I am curious if having thin dreadlocks is a bad idea.

I'm sorry I know this wasn't really a question at all.
But i would love to some response on having thin dreadlocks, frequent washing of 'locks, or if anyone else had such a dry scalp kind of problem.
Thank you very much for reading this long post.

P.S. I plan on completing my dreadlocks by next winter, by adding one or two slowly every month of so till then.

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