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hello everyone! I know I just posted...coughyesterdaycough, but I scanned myself some more. Haha. I went through some major backcombing tonight for about 3 hours, and already my dreads are like, HELLO WE WANT TO WAVE IN THE WIND! which is all good because it's tornado-ing outside, basically. thanks a bunch, Ohio. :D

hopefully these pictures work, cause I know some of my last ones didn't. If you really, really have the urge to see them, and are desperately clawing the ground for my beauty, you can email me and I'll send you the url for the buggers. haha.

^^ adequately describes how I'm feeling about my hair right now. wonderful and crazy and curly and everywhere. ignore the balding-ness. :)

^^ I figured you guys should know that I'm the devil incarnate, as my scary eye proves.

then, I went a little crazy and cut off a bunch of my hair at the bottom. Because it was too short to dread and looked really greasy since I don't wash my hair too much. I got yelled at for throwing it in the toilet :)

aaaanyway, I'm gonna go sit in my bedroom and listen to the noises the wind is making amongst the trees.
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