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Okay so a really 'stupid' question, but I've debated this many times, and I still can't find out if it's true or not.

Is it true that people with nappy hair, I mean, real nappy nappy nappy hair, cannot get lice?

They used to tell me this when I was younger, because in pre-school I was the only one who didn't get lice and everyone in my class did ( i was the only one with genuine nappy hair ).

So, true or false?

And to all the people who have suffered from lice, I hope I never get them. I cannot imagine the horror of having those little evil things in my hair, forcing me to cut my dreads off ( i wouldn't be able to comb my dreadlocks out ).

For all of you going through them right now, I wish you all the luck.
*sends positive vibes*
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