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Seventeen Magazine :: April 2006

A feature in Seventeen Mag on Scalp health... Thought it would be super useful for ya'll.

Problem: Oily Scalp
What it is: Greasy buildup on the scalp and roots caused by overactive oil glands.
Solution: Try an astringent that will dry out the scalp and help stop the overproduction of oil. Squirt the astringent on a cotton swab and gently dab it around the oily areas of your scalp once a day. TRY: T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel. $4 drugstores

Problem: itchy scalp
What it is: a chronically itchy irritation caused by an overly dry scalp or a buildup of hair products.
Solution: use mouthwash on your scap-- the alcohol in it will help relieve any itching and inflammation. soak a cotton ball with mouthwash and apply it arround the itchy irritated area -- never directly on it. TRY: cool mint listerine, $3 drugstores.

EXPLINATION Alcohol will help cleanse the area/kill bacteria, while the peppermint in the mouthwash helps soothe the itching with the cool menthol feeling.

For people who don't want to risk burning their scalps with alcohol, a blend of tea tree, peppermint and rosemary oils can do wonders for an irritated/itchy/flaky scalp, or even any of the three individually. Rosemary is good for flakes, while as stated before, the peppermint is great for itchies and irritations.
(thanks to raeosunshine )

Problem: seborrheic dermatitis
What it is: a reaction to foods or hairproduct chemicals that causes severe redness and some flaking.
Solution: shoose a cream with hydrocortisone, which will help stop flaking, soothe your scalp, and reduce redness. use your fingertips to delicatley rub a dot of cream onto irritated areas twice a day. TRY: Aveeno 1% hydrocortisone anti-itch cream, $6 drugstores
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