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Dread Timeline

I don't post very often here, mostly because a lot of my questions are asked and answered by other people, and I don't have a camera of my own, but I've got enough material now to do a timeline. I've had them for 8 months and they really have changed a lot, although I know there's plenty more to go through, and lots more changes. I can't wait to grow them longer and watch them congo into larger dreads (although I have enjoyed having thin dreads). I really love having hair that looks like tree branches or snakes. I love the irregularities and imperfections. To be honest I think I'd love my locks less if they were "neat" like people seem to want them to be. Anyway, it's been a blast, and here's to the future.

8 Months, lots of photos

This is after a couple of weeks, maybe 2 or 3? Kept together with elastics (I know, I was dumb). The dreading was done on the 11th of July, 2005. This is late july, or august.

Closeup. You can see the elastics. July.

This was about a month and a half, so August.

My new dorm room in Newfoundland! This is sometime in September, probably. The rubber bands come off. They look messier because of the curls, and I hate this, but I know I'm better off.

I start to get loose roots as my hair grows out.

November. They look a little better here. I am also looking my best.

This is around Christmas or New Years I think.

This is January. I think I had just washed my hair

Moving into my new temporary home in Fredericton. Can't see the dreads much here.

These pictures are from today. My dreads were 8 months old on the 11th of March. Personally, I'm really happy with them and I'm looking forward to every new development and change.



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