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Oily Hair

Mah dreeeeeaaaaadssss!

I finally got them done. They are 4 days old. Babehs.

I love them a lot, and I've been ridiculously happy for the time that I've had them, however, I've run into a problem.

My hair is really oily. Really.

The girl that did them told me not to wash my hair for a week or so so that they can tighten up, but I'm terrified that the oils will cause them to unravel.

They are in rubberbands currently (gonna take 'em out in a week), so should I risk rinsing them a little? Not necessarily washing them, but just taking a bath and getting rid of some of the oils.

They're pretty loose still.

P.S. Pictures to come tonight, when I'm not at school and photobucket is not blocked.
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