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hey!!! a question and what works for my hair in the tub!

question -

NOW MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE - tell me the most awesome new age store near you, a cool jewelry shop, bead shop, witchy shop, anything really cool. (if they have a site include please?)

ok now...

my hair wasnt doing too well in the shower... i noticed the top dreads were getting alot looser and icky...
i found out it was from the hard water hitting them from the shower head.


i now use a cup (like a large plastic party cup or whatever you like - mine says "mmmm tasty!" w/ spongebob on it ^_^) and put however much shampoo i need in it and fill it with water...
this also helps with residue issues and having to rinse like CRAAAZY!!!

i use garnier(sp?) fortifying anti dandruff shampoo, suave daily clairifying shampoo AND from bath and body works, i use manderine mango...or somehting like that...

it works SOO WELL.

that is all...

i am going to get my girl to take some pictures of my head to post...i cant work my cam!!!


nikki rae.
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