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ok so long time no post, but really i don't have much point to post since cutting my dreads, well until now.
So 2 days ago i finally got my grad photos done (again) with the short hair bit. Which means... that yesterday was the first day of the journey for my second set of dreads. :D and that day, was the day i got Jenny's dread in the mail! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! :D

however, i also found out that i can't graduate this semester. :P which sucks but, it also means i can avoid the real world for one more year and can let my hair grow in the liberal atmosphere that is my university.
Not that it would have stopped me, but meh.
so anywho the countdown is on and by aug/sept i'll have dreads once again. :D

So... umm... yeah...
Carry on!

/pointless post
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