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I have a chance to go see the John Butler Trio over the summer! I have to admit I'm pretty excited... has anyone seen them perform before? I imagine they are amazing live.

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And thank you to those of you who have e-mailed me telling me they received my dread(s) in the mail :) I get excited knowing that my fellow dreadheads are in possession of my hair.

Quick little story: I have REALLY thick, REALLY curly hair, and since I cut my dreads I have only washed my hair 2x with Dr. Bronners shampoo. I go in salt water on average three times a week, and last night I noticed that on the underside of my head, at the very tip of my hair, a little itty bitty baby dread was forming! Looks like my dreads are trying to push their way back into my life ;)

much <3 to you all.
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