Deanna (pieceofthewhole) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

pinholes + dreads = drool

Oooh! Timeline of my, haha, three week old dreads.

But I feel proud of myself, because I've kept them longer than I did last time. (I think I had them for a week and a half.) So, pictures of my freshly washed locks! Mmmm, coconut shampoo.

One week old:

Ten days old:

Twenty days old:

Some of them actually feel hard, which is awesome, and my hair has shrunk MAJORLY in some places. There are a few dreads on the top of my head that are maybe an inch and a half long, and my hair started as about chin length. Woooooo! Oh, and in case anyone was wondering why ALL of my pictures are scans, it's because I don't have/want a digital camera, and my good camera is broken. (insert tears) Although I'm really really in love with pinhole photography right now. In fact, I'm having my pinhole camera's babies. a few self portraits from today:

and one my friend took of me on friday:

fun stuff, kids. f-u-n stuff.
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