mizcellaneous (mizcellaneous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

to dread or not to dread..

i've been hovering around in this community for a while now, admiring everyone's dreads and absorbing as much information as i can.

my mind has been tetering around with the idea of getting myself some dreads, i was set on it a few weeks back...went out and bought a nice little metal comb for backcombing and everything. but then my partner in hair dreading crime had to back out. i sort of lost my motivation. the idea of doing my entire head myself was a little frightning. i actually don't think i'd have as hard a time with the backcombing, as i would with sectioning my hair off on my own...hmm, maybe i'll bribe my sister into helping me. :)

this is sort of a pointless entry, but i just wanted to express the sudden return of my immediate desire to get dreads! today is the last day of my over extended break (the colleges here have been on strike for 3 weeks, and we go back tomorrow). so maybe today will be some sort of dreading excursion for me. or maybe not...lol, i guess we'll see!
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