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neww dread babies~

hi ♥

i just got my dreads put in about four days ago, and my friend instantly referred me to this lj community, saying it will become my new best friend, haha.

quick question: in your opinion, how long should i wait after getting my dreads in to backcomb them again?
i wanted to try doing them sometime in the next week, but wasn't sure if that'll do more harm than good...and please say why when you answer yes or no :] also, i have tons of wax in my hair, [i didn't want so much but the people who did them for me just went all out, half a tub of dreadheadhq], and was wondering if that means i should be washing them out sooner bc of all the wax; i was originally gonna wait about a month to wash them.

thoughts mhm?
thank youuu much love kids ♥

day one: mad scientist

day three: punk rock chic

day four: a little more managable

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