As Darkness Craves the Mind (hippiedrummer) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
As Darkness Craves the Mind

thoughts of decease-ing my dreads

i am having thoughts/fantasies/images/dreams of cutting/shaving/combing out my dreads.
does anyone else ever think this way?
and i just dreamed the other night that i had my long, regular hair back.
yesterday i went with a friend to go get her hair colored and cut
the whole time i was looking at my hair in the mirror
my dreads are boring and i bleached the tips of them 3 weeks ago
i don't want to be complaining, but all i can do with my hair
is wear it down or pull it back
i just don't know what to think or do.
i know that i will completely regret cutting my dreads
and i know that i will continue to be unhappy with them if i don't
can i get some advice please?
i am just so confused.
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