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Hi, Everyone-

If this is against the community rules, Please delete it...and I'm sorry...

I've been planning an alternative spring break/hunger awareness retreat and I'm down to raising the last few hundred dollars for the retreat and I'm just stuck. So here's a paypal donation button...please donate what you can- a dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars...whatever- This money would actually be going to Heifer International who is hosting the alternative spring break at the Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA.

The retreat will be a 3 night stay at the farm during which the participants will be sleeping in various global village sites- sites that imitate the areas where Heifer International is facilitating sustainable development projects. For instance, we might end up in a yak-hair hut one night beside our fish pond and water buffalo.
And we'll also be doing farm chores twice a day while making peasant meals together and participating in world hunger workshops. For one day and one night, we'll be going to Boston to volunteer at Rosie's Place, a homeless shelter for women. And then we'll be coming back to Stony Brook.

So that's the gist of it, if you want more details, please DO contact me.

If you're interested in the global village, you can contact Heifer International and go there with your friends!

Can do a trade for a donation...though right now I can't think of anything I can do...I will get back to you guys on that though...

it's an old picture...my digital camera is still busted...

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