jazzmine!! (jazztastic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

it has begun!

Well my fellow lovely dreadies,

There is a dread in my hair, and the whole process starts at the end of april!!! I'm so excited! I have been growing my hair out for so long and it's finally getting long for me to be happy and dread it up. My best friend wants to dread my hair, but he just moved to ohio a couple of weeks ago, so the soonest I can fly up there (AND SURPRISE HIM!!) is the end of April. Until then..... I got a little impatient and decided to see if I could do one myself... see how it would turn out with my paper thin straight smooth hair...

did I mention two people have ever cut my hair, and it's only been highlighted once? (but no one could tell.) Never dyed or treated besides that. This will be a big change!

some people say they wish they had known _________ before they started... anyone want to share those stories?? thank you!!

my hair now...
Image hosting by Photobucket

(it's hiding right now, I'm at work, my boss hasn't noticed I have one dread in my hair, hmmm maybe he will someday....)

Image hosting by Photobucket


Any final words for this hair of mine? any last suggestions, comments, ANYTHING?!? :)
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