Again I Go Unnoticed (anotherwasted) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Again I Go Unnoticed

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so i seem to have foolishly gone from one hair community to another, and i just wanted to say hi, and i love all you people, i lost my dread radar, i didnt see any for like a month and i just got it back a few days ago, im still sad yet happy tho when i see people with dreads...i miss mine, i have cut and colored my hair alot in the last 2 months, getting it out of my system to get ready for another round of dreads..i did get a really damn good job, i sell shoes, but its really good money and they let me have all the piercings i want =) but no dreadies =\

i guess i just wanted to say hi, and i love you people

<3 =D
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