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I don't have dread locks, but I know that the majority of you do.
I've been growing my hair out with the possible intentions of getting dread locks.
A few people have told me some things that have kind of scared me away from getting them though, and my friend is comming over on wensday to help me get them started so I gotta decide weather I'm doing it forsure or not.

first of all..A little about my hair...
My hair basically at my shoulders, atleast when its wet or I make it completely strait.
I have very thick and strait hair.

Now for the questions...
1. I need to use wax all over the dreads if I want to speed up the prosses?
2. I shouldn't wash my hair much at all for a whole month?

Hmm I had more questions but I can't think of them. Just give me any advise or info you guys can think of please :)
Much appreciated.
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