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hmm. maybe i'm being over-anxious, but okay. i started my dreads wednesday... continued on friday.. will be done with them tomorrow. before i ask my main question, i was somehow led to believe that i'm supposed to not wash my hair or get the wax out for a week, then i can start using the dread soap to clean them, am i right?

okay main question (the one i think i'm over-anxious about): my dreads that i have so far stick out a lot, i've worn a bandana over them two days, but they don't seem to be staying down when i take it off. i'm thinking as soon as i wash the wax out the dreads will fall nicer and won't stick out as much. i was just looking for some confirmation on these things.

p.s.- even though i haven't been in this community for too long, i've already noticed that you are all some of the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful people i've heard of. you kick ass!
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