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Dready Blues

I'm a bit down on my dreads right now. No intention of getting rid of them...just frustrated. I know the constant wetting from waterpolo isn't good for them, and the results are very visible, though not so much in pictures. The frizzies are catastrophic. I'm all for leaving my dreads alone and letting them do their thing, but I need to find a job, and the fuzz is getting a bit out of control.

On top of this I'm being anonymously harassed by someone on my LJ, who hates my dreads. Their most recent comment was:
Subject: If you ditch those horrid dreads...
I will buy some of your jewelry. They make you look terrible. TERRIBLE.

Last time they told me I looked like a dirty 12 year old. I told them they'd never find a 12 year old with tits like mine....

Anyway, I know there's no solution to my problem, and I really just needed to complain for a minute, so thanks for listening!

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