sticksta (sticksta) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Inexperienced dreadlock-obsessive :)

Hey everyone been checking out everyone's dreads or dreads-to-be and they all look absolutely wonderful! I'm so envious! I'm planning on starting dreads soon, hoping to have medium ones, and i'm gona start them by backcombing, hoping to not use any wax at all.

Anyhoos, lish has told me to post so i'm following my orders. Thought I'd just say hey and post some pics of me un-dreaded. Tell me what u think of the state of my hair for dreadin, how you think theyll turn out, and whether you actually think i will suit me.

That's me with my hair looking like it's crazy naturally dried, unbrushed self...not the most flattering pic of me but hey what the hell. I also wondered, i have a slight fringe, what shall i do with it, leave it undreaded or what?

and this is me looking scruffy :)

(hope the pic works...i suck at this whole posting thing, first time you see... :S

much luff and thanks xxx
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