awful. (uglybony) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hey guys, my name is jerica and i'm desperate to start dreading! i had dreads for 3 months last year, but ended up taking them out because they were far too thin once the initial poofiness went down and because they were constantly flat against the back of my head from being slept on. is there anything i can do this time around to prevent the flatness? and if this flatness is not preventable, what can i do to fix it in the morning? i tried palm rolling, but didn't have much results. also, one more thing! there a couple of dreadheads i see occasionally in the downtown area and one of them told me how his dreads were hard and that meant they were healthy, but they sure didn't feel so good to me. are they supposed to get this hard once they mature?

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this is probably at one month. sorry it doesn't really focus on the dreads, but you can see how thin they were.
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