v_brata (v_brata) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

m e m o r i e s . . . .

K, baby photos under chop....

Jan 1st, 2000, 5 months before dreading:

Birthday photo, June 16th, 2000:

The pink/red phases:

The purple days (yah, yah, it's a black & white photo, sue me) with my adorable husband all spiff for a friend's wedding:

The blue phase (with some synthetic extensions thrown in):

Then black:

Then 7 - 9 inches of human hair extenders added (almost all of which I've removed today):

And finally...
One I took last night on my way to a night of dancing and frollicking merrily:

If you're getting frustrated with your stumpy little fuzzies, just take good care of them and they will reward you....
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