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very first dread pics

sticksta's post has brought out quite a few of us who seem to have magically started our first dread in the exact same spot... on the head, of course, not say, on the library steps in Cincinnati though that may have been way cooler.

So I want to see pictures of everyone's very first dread. Preferably that first "weeee I have a DREAD!" pic, but if such a picture does not exist then take a picture of it now and tell me its little life story :)

yeah, Fred The Dread... I also have Wanda the Honda. I have a thing for names that rhyme. This is precisely why I will never have children. The poor things would have names like Pearl the Girl and Tad the Lad.

Fred was born one very late night (more like 6am) at Waffle House after a night of mischief and mayhem on the campus of Warren Wilson College near Asheville, NC. Fred spent 23 years feeling lonely and unfulfilled until that fateful night. He had just been for a swim and was listlessly dangling, slightly damp when he suddenly realized he felt... different somehow. WIth the aid of a very tired and not quite aware of what she was absentmindedly doing Jenna, Fred was transformed from a limp, slightly damp lock of disgruntled hair into a beautiful dread baby.
Fred is exactly 20 days older than the rest of my dreads and was formed by a very different method that probably closely approximates rip and twist. He is thinner, has shrunk less, and has a different texture than my other dreads, but he is happy because he is special. He also gets to be the only dread with a knot in the end (that came later) :)
This is Fred now:

btw if anyone has ever wondered what the difference in outcome between rip and twist and backcombing is, look at Fred vs the Head... yeah see more rhyming. It's terrible.
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