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bad situation

my name is hope, and i have been trying to get dreads for about a month. here is what i mean by trying. a friend of mine with dreads offered to help me, and one day we sat down for about forty five minutes and did half of the back of my head. they were great, and i maintained them for about a week, which was the next time she was supposed to help me. this time we were going to use a crochet hook too but after doing about three dreads she stopped. and she is gone now, hopping trains somewhere up north. so i had to ask a few other friends to help. meanwhile, my dreadlocks started to get pretty messed up because i had taken the rubberbands out and my normal hair was tangling with them, they got tangled together, stuff like that. i actually had to break two apart that had some how connected around the root. so a day ago another friend tried to correct the messed up ones, but she gave me one really large one that needed to be broken up into two or three dreads...it was a big mess and another person helped me last night, it took about thirty minutes to untangle the big dread and figure out what to do with it. we sorted out all the messed up ones, but i am scared after all this trouble that i should just start over.
do you think my hair will be alright if i just keep going?
i guess you would need to see my hair to know that but i just need reassurance.
because right now they are very full of loose hairs, etcetera, and with no one here who really has ever had real dreadlocks, i don't have anyone to tell me if i'm on the right track or not. i've researched and researched...but i want them to grow into nice healthy big dreads and if they don't, what a waste, right?
nice to meet you all.

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