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Okay the dreads I finished yesterday, took me 3 days in total...and I'm not completely happy with them. They still need a lot of work. You'll see from the pics that they are very fluffy and fat and loose...the looseness is worrying me. When i first did them they were tight, but even though i've been backcombing and palmrolling, theyre still not very tight. Also, the tips are not dreaded up properly, i found it impossible to do! AGH anyway, I'm going to just keep maintainging them, be patient and hope that time will make them look beautiful :D

I went into school today for the first time in ages ( just came back from a long holiday) and nobody at our school has ever had dreads so i was stared at constantly by staff and pupils. It was amusing. Then people wouldn't stop telling me how they couldn't believe i'd ruined my hair and that mine weren't real dreadlocks because a) i didnt use egg (wtf!?!?!) to make them, and b) because a salon didnt do them, so they dont look immediately like dreads.

I had countless rants at people today explaining that dreads take time, and they are not made from being dirty and not washing your hair...So many people were also adamant i should be using wax too...but I stopped using wax after the first 2 dreads, and i used barely any then so you can't even tell...thankfully. ARGH people are SO misinformed! I hope to change this...! phew anyway...

This is me being a total usual :P

And this is me being a bit of a nut whilst doing them...

Anyhoos, comments and suggestions welcome as always :) thankoos! (btw you guys have been a great help! thanks!) xxx luff

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